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We've Come a Long Way, but We Haven't Forgotten Our Roots

It’s already been more than a decade since Gurango Software Corporation started, but time seems to have flown right by. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but by always keeping in sight that dream of becoming the biggest and most successful software company in the Philippines, we’ve stayed true to our course despite all the obstacles thrown our way. We’re young—but we’d like to think we’re well on our way to achieving our goal.

Our Milestones and Achievements

  • The First Step

    1983 - 1984

    The Apple Logo, circa 1976

    Mr. Joey Gurango, Founder and CEO of Gurango Software Corp, began as a TECH Support Engineer for Apple.

  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

    1985 - 1987

    The Microsoft Logo, circa 1982

    Sir Joey left Apple and moved to its main competitor, Microsoft, working as a Software Development Engineer.

  • Joining the Game


    Joey Gurango

    Having met success selling his personal programs to a number of happy customers, Sir Joey realized he could put his considerable experience working in top-tier software companies to good use and decided to open his own, Match Data Systems (MDS).

  • MDS Gets Picked Up


    Great Plains Logo, circa 1995

    MDS got acquired by Great Plains Software. Sir Joey stayed on board and became Managing Director of Business Solutions.

  • Return to the Fold


    Great Plains Logo, circa 2001

    Microsoft acquired Great Plains Software, and Sir Joey is again made a member of the Microsoft family. He soon gets appointed as Asia Pacific Regional Director of Products and Services.

  • Striking Out on His Own Again


    Newspaper Article of Gurango's Retirement

    Once everything had settled down, Sir Joey left Microsoft to try starting his own business again.

  • Our Story Begins


    WebWorks OS Logo

    Seeing the potential of the IT industry in Philippines, Sir Joey returned to his home country and set up Webworks OS, with the vision of turning it into the biggest software company in the Philippines. He launched what would become his flagship product within his first year: Gurango HCM.

  • The Microsoft Connection


    Microsoft Certified Partner Plaque

    Webworks OS became a Microsoft Certified Partner in its first year.

  • The Microsoft Connection, Year 2


    Microsoft Certified Partner Plaque

    Webworks OS was once again made a Microsoft Certified Partner.

  • Always the MVP


    MVP Certificate

    Sir Joey was named the Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft, living up to his growing legend in the industry.

  • The Turning Point


    New Products of Webworks/GSC

    After one particular project with a California-based company, Sir Joey realized that he wanted he wanted to focus solely on creating and selling business solutions that could improve businesses through software. The company started offering SmartHr, DynamicPay, SmartTime, Financials for Office 365, CSP.ph, Suprema, Proxor, and Zendesk.

  • Setting the Bar High


    Gold Certified Parnter Plaque

    Sir Joey once again got named Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft, while his company got upgraded to Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, setting a standard of service that it has continued to meet year after year.

  • Becoming Gurango Software Corporation


    Gurango Software Logo, circa 2006

    Capitalizing on the strength of his reputation, Sir Joey officially rebrands Webworks OS to Gurango Software Corporation.

  • Gurango Software Bags Multiple Awards


    Microsoft Awards

    For the third year running, Sir Joey was one of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals. Gurango Software, on the other hand, was recognized as Microsoft's ISV Partner of the Year, joined the Microsoft Dynamics President's Club, and retained its place as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  • GSC Continues Its Stellar Performance


    Microsoft Awards

    Not only was Gurango Software credited as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner again, it was also named Microsoft's Overall Partner of the Year, Microsoft's Dynamics Partner of the Year, and Microsoft's SMSP Partner of the Year.

  • Gurango Software Launches CRM Solution



    Gurango Software started offering System Integration and Turnkey Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to their clients.

  • Gurango Software Stays Strong


    Microsoft Awards

    Gurango Software was awarded Microsoft's Dynamics Partner of the Year for the second time, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the fourth time.

  • Gurango Software Receives Accolades


    Microsoft Awards

    Gurango Software’s winning streak continued, and the company was again recognized as Microsoft’s Dynamics Partner of the Year and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. It also won the Technology Leadership Team of the Year award.

  • Singapore in the Clouds



    Gurango Software began offering cloud hosting in Singapore and Southeast Asia as part of its Gurango Hosted Solutions package.

  • Dynamic to the End


    Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year

    For the fourth time, Gurango Software was Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year.



    Big Data Conference

    Gurango Software participated in the Big Data Conference: CAPTURE. SHARE. ANALYZE. DECIDE., which served as a platform to discuss the evolution of technology and to talk about how preserving data can be used to create opportunities for business.

  • New Era of Technology


    MSD CRM Launch 2013

    Together with Microsoft, Gurango Software launches updates of Customer Relationship Management software every two years. The 2013 launch in particular is believed to be significant to the advancement of CRM technology.

  • Softcon October



    Gurgango Software was one of more than 160 companies who participated in SOFTCON.PH, the first ever Philippine software industry conference and expo organized by the Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA).

    The conference's theme was Cloud + Mobile + Social + Big Data | Monetizing the Software Megatrends.

    “For the first time in human history, a technology is shaping our personal lives just as much as it is transforming our businesses—that technology is software. There has never been a better time to be in the software industry than today,” - Mr. Joey Gurango, President of PSIA.

  • A Standard of Excellence


    MS Award

    Apart from being named Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year again, Gurango Software was also awarded for Sales Excellence for Enterprise and Sales Excellence: Dynamics Customer Adds.

  • Primer Group Signs On With Gurango Software


    Primer and GSC

    The Primer Group Conglomerate, which is responsible for some of the world's top consumer brands such as Roxy, Kickers, and North Face, hired Gurango Software to improve and upgrade its HR management processes, implementing HRIS modules SMARTHR, SMARTTIME, and DYNAMIC PAY.

  • Mitsubishi Motors Deals with Gurango Software


    MMPC and GSC

    Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) partnered with Gurango Software to develop their Dealer Management System software which aimed to improve customer engagement by streamlining and standardizing their current business processes.

  • Gurango Software Launches CSP


    Gurango GSP

    Gurango Software started offering Gurango.CSP to its clients

  • Mobelwerke and Fully Booked Upgrade with Gurango Software


    GSC, Mobelwerke and FullyBooked

    Gurango Software delivered its services to Mobelwerke Inc., who required an inventory system to make their distribution process faster and more efficient, and to Fully Booked, who needed a flexible and easy-access accounting system.

  • Gurango Software Levels Up


    Partner Network

    Gurango Software is recognized by Microsoft as a Partner Network.

  • DWDD with Sir Joey


    DWDD with Joey Gurango

    In a radio interview with DWDD 1134 kHz, otherwise known as "Ka-tropa Radio", Sir Joey shared his insights about the different issues of the IT industry in the Philippines and worldwide.

  • Gurango Launches xRM Solutions



    Gurango Software started offering xRM solutions to its clients.

  • The Gurango Family: 12 Years of Excellence and Innovation


    GSC Family

    "I promise to be a responsible role model to this new generation of employees."

    Gurango Software celebrated its 12th Anniversery with the theme 12 Years Excelling Together. Sir Joey himself led his old and new employees in an oathtaking that reaffirmed the close bonds shared by the GSC family.

  • Gurango Software Partners up with Zendesk



    Gurango Software became a partner and distributor of Zendesk, a cloud-based customer support platform.

  • Gurango Software Acquires PROXOR



    Gurango became an official partner of PROXOR, the performance-based examination service for software developers.

  • The Office Gets a Makeover


    GSC Offices

    The Gurango Software Corporation headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, undergoes renovations.

  • Gurango Software Organizes METS



    As one of the original developers of Microsoft Excel, Sir Joey was more than qualified to hold Gurango Software's Mastering Excel Training Series, a hands-on seminar for intermediate and advanced users of the program. The first METS seminar was held in Cebu City, followed by one in Ortigas.

  • Sir Joey Teaches the 7 Habits


    Sir Joey and 7Habits

    Wanting to pass on all that he’d learned in his long career, Sir Joey conducted a series of seminars for programmers and startup founders. He talked about the experiences and insights he’d gained over the many years he’d been in the IT business.

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